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Show Up To The Page

by The Procrastinating Writer on March 23, 2008

“Writing is 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration”–anonymous


So you probably read that quote and thought–“exactly!” And you thought correctly. Writing is more about sitting down and getting to work than it is about having a moment of inspiration and going with it.


I often find that–even in my moments of inspiration–I still have a difficult time writing.


But in order to actually attain my goal of writing novels for a living–and for you to reach whatever writing goal you’ve set for yourself–we’ve got to give up the fear and just show up to the page.


Sounds simple, right?


What I propose is, instead of sitting around and thinking about writing, let’s actually write.


Today, take an hour and set it aside for writing. If you don’t have an hour, set aside 20 minutes, 15 minutes–whatever you can spare. The amount of time doesn’t really matter.


Give it a try, you never know what will come out. Remember, what you write, or how long you write, isn’t important. What is important, is showing up to the page.


And be sure and drop me a line about how this worked out for you. Did you set the time aside? Did you feel like having to designate a time made your writer’s block pop up?

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