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How To Start 2011 Off Right

by Jennifer on January 3, 2011

A new decade is upon us and 2011 is already off and running. Which means it’s time for you to get started figuring out how you’re going to make this year your best writing year yet.

To get you started, check out the following five Procrastinating Writers posts:
1) What Would It Mean for You to Reach Your Writing Goals in 2011?

If you’re going to reach the writing goals you have for 2011, you need a plan of attack. And that plan starts with figuring out what it would mean for you to reach your goals.

When you have an idea of exactly what it will take for you to be the writer you want to be, it makes it easier to work toward those goals. The goals then become a huge part of your success as a writer and are no longer just goals you wrote down on a piece of paper.

2) Writers Take Note—Wherever You Ended Up In 2010 is OK

A lot of writers spend time berating themselves for not reaching their goals from the previous year. But the thing is, that’s all in the past. There’s nothing you can do to change it now. Except move forward.

So be OK with where you ended up on December 31, 2010. Sure, you might not have done everything you wanted to, but I’m sure you accomplished a lot, including things you never even expected.

3) The Things Procrastinators Fear—Identify and Let Them Go Now

If fear is holding you back from reaching your writing dreams, now is the time to identity which fears you have inside you. Once you’ve identified them, it will be much easier to let them go and move on to bigger, better things.

4) Believe In Yourself and the Writing Will Come

They say believing is 90 percent of achieving. If believing in yourself is the problem you’ve had with reaching your writing goals in the past, now’s the time to gain some confidence. When you’re confident, the writing will come to you. It’s lack of confidence that keeps you “blocked.”

5) Tips for Becoming A Better Writer

If the posts above were not enough to get you heading in the right direction, here’s a long list of tips for becoming a better writer.

And if you want even more tips on being a better writer, be sure to check out the 31-Day Better Writing Habits Challenge, which offers advice for making over your writing habits in 31 days, written by myself and Suzannah Freeman of Write It Sideways.

How are you gearing up to have your best writing year yet?

About the Author: Jennifer Blanchard is the founder of Procrastinating Writers. For more great writing tips, tools and advice, be sure to follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

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1 Mallory Snow January 3, 2011 at 9:44 pm

I’m participating in the Better Writing Habits challenge. 🙂 I’m also trying to push myself out of my comfort zone to reach goals I never thought I could.

2 Kim January 6, 2011 at 1:09 pm

Gearing back up after NaNoWriMo has been a serious challenge. Even with my writing buddy pushing and encouraging, I have not had the impetus to get the rewrite/revise stage up and running. Reading this blog helps but…I am going to check out the Better Writing Habits challenge – Who Knows? Maybe I just need deadlines to make my imagination work?

PS Who won the Procrastination Contest of 12/31?

3 Mighty Mouse January 7, 2011 at 11:19 pm

Doing the NaNoWriMo this month after receiving Baty’s kit for it for the holiday’s. I’ve found that that structure in and of itself has killed my urges for procrastination. It’s pretty much taken care of everything on this list, come to think of it. It’s a good feeling to just let go and go for it, even if at the end of the month I go back and edit and end up thinking what I’ve written is awful.

P.S. My website is my own blog about NaNoWriMo. Good luck with your own challenge!

4 Bernice January 11, 2011 at 10:33 am

What happened to the 5-minute write? My writing partner and I found that to be the most useful tool we ever used to get our writing brains going.

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