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6 Ways Technology Is A Huge Help To Writers


by Jennifer on December 14, 2012

This is a guest post from Michael Deaven

Since the World Wide Web hit the scene in the 1990s, writers have enjoyed a love-hate relationship with technology. Sure, it’s useful for researching a project, but old-school writers question if new technology replaces pen and paper.

No matter how you feel about technological advances, one thing’s for sure — technology is here to stay, and most writers believe it helps them do their job better.

Here’s how technology helps writers:

1. It Improves Your Skills

Whether you’re a veteran or a novice writer, you can always use help improving your skills. Take a creative writing course, check the online dictionary or research an SEO company and discover how to market your work.

These tools, available on your phone, laptop or tablet, give you invaluable resources that improve your writing skills.

2. It Spurs Creativity

When was the last time you couldn’t think of anything to write about?

Turn on your computer and read blogs, online magazines or the daily newspaper. In no time, your curiosity is piqued, and you’re ready to write your next masterpiece.

3. It Simplifies Research

Writing often requires research, and it can be a time-consuming process. Instead of scouring the library for the facts you need, simply perform a search online. It’s faster, easier and you don’t even need a library card (or to leave your house).

4. It Provides Equal Access For Everyone

In the past, writers with disabilities faced restrictions when they wanted to write. Now, assistive technology gives everyone the ability to write easily.

Available AT tools include voice recognition software that types as you talk, and special keyboards assist writers with motor coordination challenges.

For polished submissions, composition tools, proofreaders and spell checkers can give you assistance before publication day.

5. It Enables Publication

The process of becoming a published author is easier now than ever. Increasingly, writers type their work online and submit it to publishers virtually. In fact, anyone can self-publish eBooks immediately and try to earn money.

Additionally, you might choose to release your books one chapter at a time. Readers leave feedback and comments on each chapter. As you add chapters, you gain a polished book and loyal fans.

6. It Instantly Connects

Whether you write in a quiet office or in the middle of a noisy coffee shop, technology keeps you connected to other writers and your audience. Join a forum and share helpful writer resources or poetry. Join a book group and discuss a classic novel.

You can also use your Internet connection to build your fan base.

On your social media sites, reach out to new fans, share your book-signing schedule and answer fan questions. As you build relationships and stay connected with fans online, you can reach a large audience of eager readers.

In the last 20 years, technology has provided a host of help to writers. From instant research abilities to audience access, writers benefit greatly from technology. Take advantage of all it offers as you indulge your passion today.

How do you use technology to get your writing done?

About the Author:  Michael Deaven is an aspiring writer with a passion for online marketing who currently works for a seo company. When he’s not working, he enjoys being outdoors, traveling and blogging on everything from technology to business to marketing and beyond.

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