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Butt-In-Chair Table of Contents

Introduction from Jennifer
Introduction from Joe

You’re Holding This eBook for a Reason

  • Never Give Up On Your Writing Dreams

Writing Truths

  • Your Writing Limitations Are Self-Imposed
  • What Are You Losing By Procrastinating?
  • Are You Making the All-Or-Nothing Mistake?
  • Reasons Procrastinators Give (And Why They’re Excuses In Disguise)

Feel the Fear and Sit Down to Write Anyway

  • The Things Procrastinators Fear
  • Do You Fear Success?
  • Do You Fear Failure?
  • Do You Fear Rejection?
  • Do You Fear Not Being Good Enough/Perfect?

Personal Responsibility

  • Your Priorities Are Your Actions, Not What You Say or Write Down
  • Learn to Accept Responsibility for Your Choices and Actions
  • How to Accept Personal Responsibility

What’s Belief Got to Do With It?

  • Challenge What You Believe
  • Believe In Yourself and the Writing Will Come
  • Gaining Confidence by Reprogramming Your Self-Talk
  • Affirmations

Writing Dreams and Goals

  • What Do You Want to Achieve?
  • The Truth about Writing Goals
  • Make Writing A Priority
  • Writing Goals Contract

Writing Processes

  • To Write Every Day, To Not Write Every Day: The Debate Continues
  • Create A Writing Schedule
  • The Un-Schedule: What it Is and Why It Will Help You
  • Schedule Tips
  • 17 Ways to Find 10 Minutes to Write

Dealing with Distractions

  • Take On Less, Get More Done
  • Learn To Say ‘No’

Staying On Track

  • Self-Set Deadlines
  • How To Turn Off Your Inner Editor
  • Tips on How to Stay Confident
  • Set A Specific Writing Time to Avoid Procrastination
  • Reduce Distractions

Productivity Tools

  • A Weekly Progress Report Will Keep You Updated and On Task
  • A Reliability Buddy
  • Three Most Important Tasks
  • Keep A Daily Accomplishments List
  • Pat Yourself On the Back with Productivity Rewards

Productivity Methods

  • 30 Days to A Better Writer
  • Writing in Blocks Can Help Keep You Focused
  • Assign Point Values to Your Writing To-Do List
  • Set A Word-Count Goal
  • Break Your Writing Into Manageable Chunks
  • Focus on One Writing Project Until You’re Done

Additional Writer’s Tools

  • A Writer’s Notebook
  • Morning Pages

For When You Have Trouble Getting Started

  • Start By Writing What You Know
  • Writing Exercises Can Get You In A Writing State-of-Mind

Taking the Next Step
If Your Next Step is to Show Your Writing Off to Someone…

  • Read Your Writing Out Loud
  • How To Get the Most Out of A Writing Critique
  • How To Deal with Conflicting Critiques

If Your Next Step is to Submit to A Contest, Editor or Agent…

  • How To Overcome Writing Rejection
  • Tips for Hiring An Editor
  • Protect Your Work

If Your Next Step is to Put Your Writing Out There for the Public to Read

  • Why Every Writer Needs A Web Site

A Final Word

  • The Three Words of Successful Writing: Give, Live, Love

Appendix (Printable Worksheets)

  • Limitations Checklist
  • Accepting Personal Responsibility Quiz
  • SMART Goals Worksheet
  • Writing Goals Commitment
  • An Un-Schedule Worksheet
  • Excuses Procrastinators Use Worksheet
  • Changing Negatives to Positives Worksheet
  • Progress Report Outline
  • How To Make the Most Out of A Writing Critique Checklist
  • Tips for Hiring An Editor Checklist
  • Steps to Protecting Your Writing Checklist

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