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getting writing done

How To Get Writing Done During Your Christmas Break

Christmas Ball

by Jennifer on December 20, 2012

How to Keep The Reader Hooked: The Dan Brown Secret

Dan Brown Books

by Jennifer on September 5, 2012

8 Tips To Help You Get Started Writing

Don't erase your writing

by Jennifer on July 6, 2011

Time Warp: 5 Ways To Find Flow In Your Writing

by Jennifer on September 6, 2010

Get Rid of “Should” Once and For All

by Jennifer on November 3, 2009

Your Writing Limitations Are Self-Imposed

by The Procrastinating Writer on May 28, 2009

Write is a Verb–An Interview with Author Bill O’Hanlon (part one)

by The Procrastinating Writer on May 20, 2009

Moving Out of Your Writing Comfort Zone

by The Procrastinating Writer on May 13, 2009